You Only Did Science Once This Week?

Don’t freak out. It’s really okay. Some weeks we might cover science only once. I know; most schools cover every subject every day, and some might worry when we don’t do the same. But the truth is that not every school follows a schedule that covers every subject daily. Some have block schedules where classes meet for longer lengths of time for fewer days each week. Others have even less common schedules–like the Florida public school that I once taught in where seventh graders had no science for half a year and no social studies for most of the other half; they did this because the students were, on average, four grade levels behind in math and reading and the school decided to focus on their most pressing educational needs and skip certain subjects. If a public school can do it, homeschool parents can certainly set up their schedules likewise if that will help meet the educational needs of their kids. More importantly, though, I remember so many times in school (as a teacher or as a student) that I wished for more time to finish a big project without having to clean up and put things away before we were really done. The luxury to spend several hours, in one big block, on an experiment or putting together a big project, makes our education work better.

The great thing about homeschooling is that it can be made to work for the homeschool family. So, yeah, there are weeks that we only study science once a week. There are weeks when the kids research and decide how to set up an experiment and then actually carry out their plan. There are others when we watch a movie and take lots of time to discuss it from various angles or we go on a fabulous field trip that takes up most of the day. But I know that those days will balance out with the ones where we skip science totally. So as long as I work to keep our studies balanced overall, I don’t worry about those days that are focused more on one subject.



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