Economics Lessons

I’d worked through lessons on basic economics with my two oldest children. We’d discussed gross income versus net income and profit, learned about expenses and various other topics. I thought they understood because they could rattle back definitions and general explanations when asked.

Then a parent on our homeschool support group’s Board asked if her son could sell, at one of our meetings, some survival bracelets he’d braided. After discussing it, we designated one meeting where all the kids could sell things they’d made. Thus our Kids’ Bazaar was born.

The kids spent a lot of time busily working on a variety of projects. I taught them to make and can kiwi jam and fiery Cowboy Candy. They made candles and Continue reading Economics Lessons


My West Point Letters

As an adult in my mid to late twenties, I was surprised to find that my dad kept a couple of my letters in his wallet. These weren’t letters from me to him. Rather, they were letters written to me that he’d asked if he could keep when I wanted to throw them away. Years later, he still pulled them out periodically to show to his friends. He was so proud that one of his children, a daughter even, had been sent letters from West Point asking her to apply to go there and informing her that all students at their prestigious educational institution received a scholarship for a free education Continue reading My West Point Letters

The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth–Or: Why I Don’t Want to Be Lectured on How to Raise Kids

When I was a young girl in kindergarten (well, I was only three years old in a two-year Australian kindergarten program which would be comparable to a modern American preschool), a dental professional came to visit our classroom and teach us the correct way to brush our teeth. “Back and forth, back and forth,” we were told as we watched a giant toothbrush slide over a giant fake set of teeth. Ah! I’ve learned the proper way, from an expert, I thought. I will brush my teeth like that from now on.

The next year, a dental professional visited again. “Up and down, up and down. This is the proper way to brush your teeth.” Hmmm, but wasn’t it back and forth? I know that’s what we were told last year. “Oh, no, we know more now, and this is the proper way,” we were assured. Well, perhaps they do know more now, I thought. I will do it the right way now that I truly know.

The following year, a dental professional visited us again. “Circles, circles, circles. This is the proper way to brush your teeth.” I looked around at the other kids. They all seemed to be buying it, but I wasn’t. Continue reading The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth–Or: Why I Don’t Want to Be Lectured on How to Raise Kids