Teaching Reading. Again.

The great thing about teaching a child to read when your oldest children, whom you taught to read, are now in high school and reading Shakespeare and such, is that there is so much less panic and worry about it. Teaching reading, in my experience, really isn’t that difficult. I’ve read posts online and talked to parents in person who fret over which expensive reading curriculum to buy and how hard to push those lessons, but I never tried those expensive books, and this time around, I’m not worried at all about taking the less expensive, lower-stress route because I know it worked with my other children and led to kids who love to read.

I’ve already begun with our 2 1/2 year old. Continue reading Teaching Reading. Again.


Potty Training Surprise

We’ve had about two dozen little ones live in our house, between our permanent children and the many foster children we took in, so I’ve got a bit of experience in teaching kids to use the potty, but I have to say that I’m quite surprised at how this latest experience is going.

When my eldest was a little guy, I remember trying to teach him to use the potty. We read books, watched videos, and I sat him on the potty over and over again. I followed advice from other parents as well as parenting experts and used little treats to motivate him–until I learned that he was too smart for that. He quickly figured out that if going on the potty meant a piece of candy, then he was going to go just a teeny tiny amount, collect his candy, and then come back again and get another piece of candy, and drag it out as much as he could. I wasn’t a big fan of handing out candy to little Continue reading Potty Training Surprise

Giving Thanks with Friends

My husband doesn’t camp. We’ve known that for years. Before getting

Thanksgiving Camping 2015 6
The campsite

married, I spent a weekend camping in the mountains of northern South Korea by a peaceful babbling brook as part of a retreat set up by an Army chaplain. We hiked up a waterfall, climbed up to a Buddhist temple, spent time at a hot springs spa with a young Korean woman who was converting before marrying an American soldier, sat around a campfire together, and had a wonderful time. But stories about sleeping in sleeping bags and using a portable squatty potty made my husband grimace. An accident a few years ago, that left him with rods in his back and a foot, less mobility, and more aches, didn’t improve his attitude either.

Imagine my surprise two weeks ago Continue reading Giving Thanks with Friends