Health Lessons

A homeschooler asked recently about health curricula other homeschoolers were using for their high school students. Everyone else gave names of typical textbooks to answer the question. While we do have a textbook we have used some (Glencoe Health), that hasn’t been the main focus of our health lessons and wasn’t my complete answer. We have used our textbook to read about various ailments, about how to avoid various health conditions, symptoms to be concerned about, and so on, but our health lessons have involved much more than that standard textbook.

A thin 4-H First Aid workbook, designed for a club rather than a classroom, has been more of the backbone of our health program this year. Continue reading Health Lessons


Fiber Arts

One of my daughter’s classes this year as a homeschooled high school student is a class I’ve tentatively called “Design and Textiles: Fiber Arts.” Okay, I fess up. I cheated. I didn’t come up with that title completely on my own. Florida’s Department of Education publishes a list of all the course titles that public schools could choose to offer their students. The list is long, as in more than 60 pages long. While I know that I’m not required to use their course titles, Continue reading Fiber Arts

Homeschooling and Fun Trips

Yesterday, we took a trip to Legoland. It wasn’t our first. Though we live in Florida, our kids have never been to Disney or Sea World or Busch Gardens. Those are out of our budget range, but Legoland has these great homeschool days discounts which take the price of a ticket from over $80 down to about $12. Yes!

So how do we handle homeschooling on days like that? We were out the door around 6:30 a.m. for a 3-hour, each way, trip. And we were at Legoland for about 6 1/2 hours. Did we write off the day as far as homeschooling? No.

I gave the kids directions and a map Continue reading Homeschooling and Fun Trips