A homeschooling mom tried to explain to another how to manage to cover all the various subjects by showing her a copy of a detailed spreadsheet. It had lots of columns and too many rows to see at once; I think it even had color coding on it. I’ve been homeschooling for years and that spreadsheet looked intimidating; I can’t imagine how scary it looked to someone just starting out. Well, maybe I can. I rather imagine looking at that as a new homeschooler and thinking, “Forget this. There’s no way I can keep to that list. Maybe I do need to just put my kids into school.”

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Setting Up Our Portfolio

It’s that time of year again.

Summer 2016 031
A general subject log

Time to set up my children’s portfolios for the new school year. By Florida law, their portfolios must include titles of reading materials, a log of educational activities, and samples of work–though the law dictates little beyond that of how much detail to keep, how to organize it, etc. Over the years, I’ve worked on finding ways to simplify our record-keeping so I can keep track of what we’ve done without it being a burden. Fast and easy is what I want, and I’ve found that the key to fast and easy is putting in some time to set it up, so that it’s fast and easy the rest of the year.

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Ivanhoe–Or: High School Literature in Our House

Have you ever read Ivanhoe? It’s a tough read if you read the original version. Only after starting it, did I read that the author wanted the book to sound as though it were written in the Middle Ages but thought that putting it in the English of that day would make it unreadable to modern audiences, yet worried that in modern English it wouldn’t feel authentic; so he created a mismash of modern and older English and invented a number of words meant to sound older to tell his story. Altogether it makes the book harder to wade through than most classics.

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