You’re the Leader?

About seven years ago, I volunteered to join my homeschool support group’s Board. I was, I believe, member number thirteen. I had volunteered to help with supplying information to people contacting our group. It was a small job, or so I thought, just a way to help out a bit. But within six months, most of the other members of the Board dropped out. A few announced they were leaving as they moved out of the area or their children graduated, but most just disappeared without word. Eventually, we’d hear that a family crisis had hit and they’d moved to help relatives or a family member died and they’d suddenly left town to help settle an estate and no one knew when they’d be back. Soon, it seemed that I was Continue reading You’re the Leader?


Teen Attitudes

Lately I’ve been struggling with some attitude problems from a certain teenager. This teen drags feet when it’s time to come do lessons, argues about being required to do work, gets upset when given work to do or when told to get up in the morning, etc. Frankly, I’ve been getting tired of it. (And it reminds me greatly of our three-year-old but in a larger package, though the teen doesn’t see the resemblance at all when it’s pointed out by others.) At times, I’ve pondered how nice it would be to put said teen in a school so I could get a break from the attitude for a while, but I know that wouldn’t help–it would just involve more parties in the problem and complicate it even more.

Earlier this week, I was so frustrated when a lesson had to be terminated early because of this attitude. A Bible lesson no less. A morning wasted, I thought Continue reading Teen Attitudes