Calendar Math

Our 3 1/2 year old likes to count but he keeps skipping over fifteen. And he’s been asking questions about what we will be doing in the near future. So I decided it was time to pull out the magnetic  calendar I previously used, several years ago, with his older siblings . Little did I know the thrill this would give him. He loved putting the number magnets in counting order (and didn’t mind when I had to make a new, not matching, one for twelve since twelve seems to have been lost; he didn’t notice either when I changed a magnet for 2011 to 2017 since the numbers for the years didn’t go that high). We talked about each magnet that went on and he loved putting the numbers in their places once he understood how we were arranging them. We added magnets for days when we plan to go to the library or the park or such. He was so excited as he made sure everyone in the house saw his calendar (though his pronunciation made it sound more like “calculator”) and heard his explanation of it. I know he thinks we’re playing and will love it when we move each day the star magnet to the current day’s date, but I loved seeing him so excited as I know he’ll be learning a lot from this as he learns about today, yesterday, and tomorrow, the days of the week, reading a calendar, and hopefully, to start including 15 when counting.



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