Graduation Memories of a Different Sort

What Do You Remember About Your High School Graduation?

As friends post online about their children graduating from high school, one asked about our own memories of high school graduation or if we even remembered the event at all. I do remember mine, but thinking about it brought back other memories, too, memories of being frightened and alone but surviving.

The graduation ceremony itself took place on a windy day outside in the football stadium. I remember holding the flower Continue reading Graduation Memories of a Different Sort


Virtual School Lessons

This year, we tried Florida Virtual School (aka FLVS)–the online public school program run by the state of Florida–for a couple of courses for my teens with mixed results. Well, they have both earned good grades in the classes taken, but we’ve all learned something about public school courses–not just how to take them but their quality and the huge impact they’ve had on our homeschooling.
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Creating Memories with Our Homeschool Support Group

Our homeschooling would be so different without our homeschool support group. I say this as I’ve just put a lot of finishing touches on our group’s fourth annual yearbook since I’m the editor-in-chief. Shutterfly photo books have, it turns out, a limit of one thousand photos per book, and we had reached the limit without completing all of our pages, so I had to go back and check over what the committee had done and weed out photos that were essentially duplicates so that we had space for photos from our big annual Talent Continue reading Creating Memories with Our Homeschool Support Group