Normalizing Homeschooling

A friend worried that her son felt he was weird or unusual since he was homeschooled. He’d been pulled out of school because of issues in the school, but like most kids, blames himself and thinks he’s somehow not good enough for school. The fact that he doesn’t see many other homeschoolers around wasn’t helping. I think it really helps to show kids, as much as possible given your own situation, that homeschooling isn’t that unusual. Normalizing homeschooling can make the child feel better about himself. But how do you do that?
Some options that come to mind include:

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How Did You Prepare Your Children for College Writing?

The person who asked how I prepared my kids for college writing was likely expecting to hear the name of a fabulous writing curriculum that we used. But we didn’t. There are several well-known intense writing instruction programs that are popular with homeschoolers, but I didn’t use any of those. Honestly, I haven’t had my kids spend a lot of time writing; we don’t work on it regularly every day nor necessarily, every week. I don’t teach my kids that way. To me that’s boring and tedious and isn’t likely to bring about a lot of learning. Instead, Continue reading How Did You Prepare Your Children for College Writing?