How Do You Teach P.E. at Home?

P.E., or physical education, is a subject that seems to throw some people who just can’t imagine how it could be taught at home. There are so many possible ways to approach teaching P.E. though. Here are a few we’ve used over the years. Continue reading How Do You Teach P.E. at Home?


Health Lessons

A homeschooler asked recently about health curricula other homeschoolers were using for their high school students. Everyone else gave names of typical textbooks to answer the question. While we do have a textbook we have used some (Glencoe Health), that hasn’t been the main focus of our health lessons and wasn’t my complete answer. We have used our textbook to read about various ailments, about how to avoid various health conditions, symptoms to be concerned about, and so on, but our health lessons have involved much more than that standard textbook.

A thin 4-H First Aid workbook, designed for a club rather than a classroom, has been more of the backbone of our health program this year. Continue reading Health Lessons