School Violence

Several students and teachers died about a week ago at a public high school in the next county over when a former student took a gun to the school. Guns are a huge problem; right? Of course. But it’s so much more than that. I heard nothing about it in the local news, but I know someone who works in a local middle school who talked about an ambulance coming to his school Tuesday for a student who’d been beaten by several with pipes. Are pipes now a problem, too? And then, that same day, a fire was fought across the street from the school–with the assumption that a student may have started it. Fire is a problem, too?

Or maybe it’s just a problem of discipline–or the lack thereof. Schools aren’t allowed to do anything to students with some kind of ESE diagnosis. So kids know that those with issues face no consequences. Does that play a role in why those with mental health issues go crazy so often in our society? A large percentage of parents who taught their children to question all that their teachers do and to rise up in rebellion if they disagree with the teacher. Is that a way to teach respect for authorities and rules–including rules about proper behavior in society such as not killing people just because you’re upset?



The Teacher Showed Her Underwear? Or What’s Wrong in Politics These Days

A teacher I knew long ago, told a story of an incident that happened to her. A student of hers went home and told his parents that the teacher had displayed her underwear in class for all to see–she’d done so publicly and proudly and it was no accident.

His parents were understandably horrified. How could someone like that be teaching in their pricey private school? She needed to be removed from the classroom immediately! They went directly to the principal demanding that she be fired. Now.

The student had not lied. He’d told the truth. But his version of the truth Continue reading The Teacher Showed Her Underwear? Or What’s Wrong in Politics These Days

What Can I Teach? Trolling?

In the evenings, after the kids are in bed, I like to go online (particularly on Facebook these days, though I’ve favored other sites in years past) and browse. I often try to help out homeschoolers with questions by sharing my knowledge. Tonight I did this as usual. When a homeschool parent asked about how to find evaluators, another woman made a comment that made it sound as though the school district would somehow limit what she could teach her child Continue reading What Can I Teach? Trolling?