What A Preschooler is Expected to Learn

There’s a site I’ve recommended for years when new homeschoolers want a list of topics that they “ought” to cover. I just skimmed over the listing for preschoolers again as I was comparing their lists to what my three year-old already knows. I was rather surprised to find it now contains a section called “technology.” When I first found this list, long before my now 15-year-old was old enough to officially be homeschooled, there was no such section. I don’t believe preschoolers need to know how to do any of the things listed. I think technology can wait. But then again, if the preschooler is the youngest in the house, and you need to keep him quiet sometimes while lessons are happening with his siblings, the preschooler will definitely be more familiar with technology than his older siblings were at even in their elementary grade years. Sometimes practicality trumps theories.



Virtual School in Our Home

This year, I decided to do something different and I brought a virtual school class, an online public school class through FLVS.net, into our home. Mostly I did it because I’ve heard over the years that colleges around here can be difficult about granting credit for foreign language classes that weren’t taken through an accredited school program such as FLVS.net or a local community college. Our budget doesn’t have a lot of room for paying for classes, but FLVS classes are free since we’ve already paid for Florida public schools in our taxes. So, I thought I’d have the kids do one class each through virtual school: Spanish. We’ve done bits of Spanish at home Continue reading Virtual School in Our Home