Setting the Record Straight

I was recently accused here on my blog, by someone who apparently doesn’t know me at all, of being lazy and neglecting lots of children who would be my students if I were still teaching in a school. (See the comments to my article  Why a Certified Teacher Would Homeschool )
I’d like to put the record straight. So forgive me if I talk a bit too much about myself here.

Yes, I’m a certified teacher who no longer teaches in a brick-and-mortar school. I quit teaching at a local public high school shortly Continue reading Setting the Record Straight

Oh My Word! Have a Little Faith in Yourself!

Ever want to reach through the computer and shake someone? Of course, you wouldn’t actually do it. Neither would I. But if I were to ever meet certain people in real life, I might have to remind myself a time or two that shaking them is not something I would do. This is one such instance.

A woman explained online that she wants to homeschool but plans to use a public school online program, a virtual school, to teach because she thinks she’s not smart enough to teach middle school math because she had to retake a college math course 3 times to pass it. Hello? Lady, you may have had to re-take the class, but you Continue reading Oh My Word! Have a Little Faith in Yourself!

Making Math Relevant (and perhaps fun, too)

Algebra Club? That will never work.

Or so I was told by a few people when I suggested the idea a few years ago. I envisioned a club, not a class, for homeschooled students; a supplement to studying algebra rather than a main source for learning algebra. We wouldn’t have a textbook, homework to grade, nor any quizzes and tests. Instead I envisioned this as a way to make algebra more fun by adding a social element to it, some bits of history trivia and stories, some hands-on activities, manipulatives and games that would work better with a group of children than with just my two teens alone. These were the parts of teaching math that I loved when I was a classroom teacher, but Continue reading Making Math Relevant (and perhaps fun, too)

Why a Certified Teacher Would Homeschool

Here’s something I shared a four years ago with Rebecca Miller of “The Sandwiched Homeschooler” on why my husband and I would homeschool though we’re both certified teachers.

Why a Certified Teacher Would Homeschool
Author: Cheryl Trzasko, Guest Blogger September 28, 2012

My husband and I are both certified teachers. He’s taught in public schools for many years. I taught in a variety of schools–private, public, even a Dept. of Defense School overseas–before becoming a parent. Some people don’t understand why certified teachers, whom they assume are the biggest supporters of public education, would want to homeschool Continue reading Why a Certified Teacher Would Homeschool